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Date AddedQuestionResponsesComments
6/24/092009 preseason favorite?865
9/11/09Is OU out this season?917
Top team in the nation?
11/29/09Is Colt McCoy a valid Heisman contender?689
4/4/10Your thoughts on Texas Tech's new head football coach?151
8/10/10PAC 10?

9/14/10TTU vs UT494
10/1/10Predicted best game of the weekend192
10/8/10A&M vs Arkansas211
10/15/10Should Boise St and TCU be ranked ahead of Bama?707
11/5/10Will the Cowboys win another game?14611
12/5/10Springlake Earth vs Windthorst in 1A Div II294
12/14/10Austin Lake Travis vs Denton Ryan301
8/25/11Opinion on all state championship games being held at Cowboy's Stadium?21544
7/28/12Favorite Olympic event?164
8/22/12Pleased with the new football districts?7210
9/21/12Top college football team in Texas this year?15720
12/1/12Will Cowboys make the playoffs?568
4/10/13Your opinion on Kingsbury as coach of TTU?60
8/9/13Thoughts on the UIL rule of "no more than 90 minutes of full contact practice per week"?153
8/30/13Texas Tech vs SMU?41
8/30/13Will Alabama start the season off with a win?193
9/13/13Alabama vs A&M193
9/20/13Thoughts on Kliff Kingsbury as head coach after first few games at TTU?384
11/29/13Top team in Class 5A Div 1, Region 1?182
12/14/13Shold Mack Brown step aside?142
9/6/14Will the Cowboys make a showing this year?5312
8/14/15What site feature most interests you?170
8/28/15Will Allen win 6A State Championship?456
8/24/16Trump or Clinton?163
9/2/16Time for Romo to retire?225
9/23/16Top college football team in Texas this year?256
9/1/17The best spot for state championship games?208
fnM MAD POLL The best spot for state championship games? Cowboys Stadium The Star NRG Stadium UT stadium Other
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